The Green Panthers – at Kobo for 99 cents until April 17th

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The planet’s climate is collapsing, people are choking in profit generating pollution. Politics & business are so intertwined that citizens feel ever more marginalized.

THE GREEN PANTHERS are here to challenge this status quo, for less than a dollar, till APRIL 17th.

The Green Panthers Manifesto

The Green Panthers fight against the degradation of Planet Earth by any means

The Green Panthers combat the fueling of climate change by any means

The Green Panthers safeguard global biodiversity by any means

The Green Panthers do not answer to governments

The Green Panthers cannot be hired, bought or sold

The Green Panthers fight in secret

The Green Panthers change the world, step by step, day by day, by any means

If you are rich and are spoiling the planet, there’s a Green Panther nearby, watching you


Meet Clara Green, Emerald, Chartreuse, Olive, Hunter, Juniper and Forest. They are The Green Panthers: a privately sponsored, multi-national underground army, on a mission to hold corporate polluters to account.

During the attempted rescue of a snow leopard hunted by British tycoons in Siberia, the Green Panthers stumble onto Project SILEO, a millionaires’ plot to abandon an overpopulated, dying planet battered by climate change and pollution.

But SILEO is a lot more than it seems and the Panthers soon learn of an even greater threat to humanity. From Britain to Thailand and the privately-owned space station Stella Blue, the Panthers race against time to save the human race from a man known only as the Slow King. As riots and unrest take hold all over the world, can they stop the Slow King’s apocalyptic ambitions?

An action-packed dystopian thriller, The Green Panthers explores systemic corruption, capitalism, space exploration and climate change, as well as the nature of friendship and courage in a future world where everything is for sale.