SHARKMAN – a true story of kidnapping and tiger sharks – out now!

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Hey readers and writers,

My new book, Sharkman, is out today. It’s my first novella length non fiction, but it reads like a thriller.

It’s also a very personal story as Peter Hauser, the Sharkman, has become a good friends and we’ll, I have been swimming with sharks with Peter.

Quite the mind blowing experience.

So, buy a copy and leave a review. Going in the water will never be the l same again. Thanks!


In 1992, mechanic Peter Hauser and two friends bought three old cars and set off from southern Germany to cross the Sahara and drive to Togo, where they planned to sell their vehicles.

They never reached their destination. The young, free-wheeling adventurers were ambushed by Tuareg bandits on the Algeria-Mali border, kidnapped and disappeared into the vast nothingness of the desert.

Thirty years later, Peter Hauser lives in a tent between jungle and ocean on a remote archipelago in Southern Thailand. Every day, Peter heads out into the deep blue to swim with tiger sharks, apex predators and masters over life and death, to find out what fear means to all of us.


For now only available on Amazon but my publisher Next Chapter will soon add other retailers.

Here’s the Next Chapter page which will list other retailers soon.