ATC Books publishes host of tattoo stories, including Chris Roy – The Death Row Tattooist

France USA

The market for good print stories is getting smaller all the time. Especially for off the wall, niche or sub-cultural stuff. So it’s great to see some of my recent work published specially to be read on smart phones. Almost everyone has one and there’s more to life than Candy Crush.

ATC Tattoo Books have published quite a few of the tattoo stories I wrote with Laure Siegel in the past years, especially our fantastic work on India (as well stories from Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Burma) which was originally published in French with Rise Tattoo Magazine.

ATC Tattoo Books also just republished my interview with Chris Roi – The Death Row Tattooist – a story on ink and survival in one of America’s supermax prisons. More on Chris here.

















Find out more about the app here.

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