Tom Vater at the first Bangkok Literary Festival

Thailand Writer´s Corner

Many thanks to all those who could attend my talk ´From Rough Guides to Sacred Skin`at the very first Bangkok Literary Festival at the Nelson Hays Library.

I really enjoyed talking about the life of a freelance writer in a quickly changing and often brutally competitive and partially collapsing  media landscape, trying to explain what it takes nowadays to make a living in this fickle business,  and hopefully conveying some of the enthusiasm and passion I have for my work, following more than a decade on the road. I also read a chapter from my soon-to-be-published, new book, Sacred Skin – Thailand´s Spirit Tattoos.

Very happy to see so many interested people (all the talks were well visited) in a packed room.

Another highlight I managed to catch was veteran travel writer Joe Cummings discussing author Chris Taylor´s excellent novel Harvest Season, a caustic meditation on the demise of the backpacker generation.

Photos by Michael LaPalme, Dan White and Daniel Cooper.

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