How Asia Specialists Crime Wave Press Opened to the World

Crime Wave Press


In the summer of 2012, my friend Hans Kemp and I were sitting in Bangkok, Thailand, talking about the changing world of publishing and the new challenges facing small independent publishers and writers. Hans and I had just collaborated on a successful illustrated book — Sacred Skin, Thailand’s Spirit Tattoos — for his Hong Kong based publishing house Visionary World.

And I had just had the rights to my first novel, The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu returned to me by a local publisher. I was also sitting on a crime novel, The Cambodian Book of the Dead, I had not managed to sell yet.

“Why don’t we start a crime fiction imprint?”

“We could specialize in crime fiction from Asia. There’s bound to be lots of writers out here trying to find a publisher. And there’s plenty of crime to write about. “

“And we’d have two titles to start with immediately.”

“We could call it Crime Wave Press.”

It was really as easy as that. Well, sort of. Well, not quite….

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