The 103 Bed and Brews – The Daily Telegraph


I’ve been reviewing hotels for the Daily Telegraph for the past four years, mostly in Thailand, but also in Cambodia, Laos and India. To date I’ve visited more than a 100 hotels for the paper. More often than not I manage to combine this job with other assignments in the same locations¬† (it’s not uncommon for freelance journalists to work two or three stories at the same time, the only way to pay the bills). In Kochi, Kerala I was researching a story on India’s tattoo culture while reviewing a number of heritage hotels in the old heart of town. In fact, I am a sucker for restored heritage properties. Not only do hoteliers who restore buildings contribute to cultural and historical continuity, but heritage hotels are often more funky and unique than other hotels in the same price range(s).

Last month I visited the 103, Bed and Brews in Chinatown, Bangkok, an exquisite corner shophouse on Soi Nana, the Thai capital’s hippest entertainment alley.

Read the full Telegraph review here.

Photo by Laure Siegel.

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