The Man with the Golden Mind – out today!!!



The second Maier Mystery, The Man with the Golden Mind, is out today. The novel is set in Laos and based on the CIA’s largest covert operation to date.

Read an excellent and generous review by Terry Irving.

The book is a quest for truth, a search for a father and family, and a journey through the lies, betrayals, hot sex, and odd friendships that are the reality of the spy trade. There is kidnapping, gunshots, insane maniacs hiding in the deep jungles. If it wasn’t for the documentary–which is not available in the United States but should be (there is a stolen copy on YouTube)–you could believe that it’s all fantasy and fiction.

It’s the best of both. A great spy thriller wrapped around a real mystery and a real crime. Hell, most writers are lucky if they can make up a central mystery that’s good enough to hold your interest. The Man with the Golden Mind is a rarity because the central mystery is not only mind-blowing but true.

Get the lowdown at my guest blog with Paul D Brazill.

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