Kolkata Noir reviewed by books_by_the_bottle

Fiction India

I received another wonderful review of Kolkata Noir by books_by_the_bottle on Instagram. Thank you!

“From the first few sentences of this book, I was immediately drawn into this crime fiction story. Tom Vater’s writing flows so smoothly and the imagery he creates is beautiful. This book is divided into three smaller parts, and follows the lives of Becker, a traveling British investigator, and Madhurima, an inspectress for the Kolkata Police. The first of these stories takes place in the 1990s and introduces us to these characters as they come together to solve a potential murder mystery. We see their paths cross again, and then again, decades later, as they solve several different crimes together. Each crime brings in a new set of characters and circumstances as Becker and Madhurima grow together as they work. Just when it seems that the story ends on a bittersweet note, we see them meet once more. This story surprised me with just how many details it contained about Kolkata (and how it was previously Calcutta), in a short amount of pages. But yet it wasn’t overwhelming and these details of the people and places were so vivid I couldn’t wait to see where they were going to take me next.”

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