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Anda at The Busy Shelf wrote a great review for Kolkata Noir

At 148 pages, Kolkata noir surprises with its rich number of characters. Madhurima and Becker interact with lots of other people, be they recurring or specific to each story.

Madhurima is related to a very important personality in the police force. As a woman in the force, she found people either against her or ignoring her. Therefore, we’re faced with a character easy to mess up when written by a man. It would have been very easy, as we’ve seen countless times, for the author to venture into the ridicule and either make her a man in a woman’s body, toughen her up till she was no more, or have her use her “feminine attire” to save the day. Thankfully and gracefully, Tom wrote a very believable, realistic, whole and dignified woman. Hats off to that!

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