Kokata Noir reviewed by Was Stanley

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Was Stanley reviewed Kolkata Noir this week. Thanks!

At 148 pages in paperback, 150 pages in hardcover, and an estimated 208 swipes on your favourite eReader, Kolkata Noir is anything but a lengthy read. When picking up the book, I had only intended to read part one, then return to it later, for parts two and three. However, I found myself loving Calcutta so much that I continued through to Kolkata, and then Killkata. I’m thankful the book was of the length it was, so I didn’t spend my entire day reading. Yes, I could have stopped at any point, but Kolkata Noir is a gripping read. And while each part stands alone, with their ends being perfect breaking points, I found myself unable to put it down.

Throughout the book, Vater’s prose is nothing short of outstanding. The writing consists of short, sharp sentences, which flow together beautifully, while keeping a consistent pace. While I wouldn’t call the pace “fast,” it definitely doesn’t grind to a halt, nor does it feel remotely slow. The pace is perfect for the stories being told. These are crime stories, after all. Vater takes the time to give the reader all the necessary information without boring them with innate details. While the book is not long, each novella feels like the perfect length, particularly given the author’s skill at succinct storytelling, packing a lot into the pages.

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