The Detective Maier Mystery series at Apple Books for 99 Cents – Limited offer!

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Detective Maier is ten years old and all three books in my Detective Maier Mysteries series are now available in one volume!

And now, for a few short days, Apple Books are selling the entire collection for just 99CENTS!!

The Cambodian Book Of The Dead: In this thrilling tale, German detective Maier searches for the heir to a coffee empire in the aftermath of Cambodia’s war, famine, and genocide. As he delves into the country’s dark past, he encounters a cast of intriguing characters, including a scarred woman with a frightening past, a Khmer Rouge general, an expat gangster, an old flame, and a gang of teenage girl assassins. His search leads him to the White Spider, a Nazi war criminal who reigns over an ancient Khmer temple and forces Maier to write his biography – a chilling tale of mass murder that spans from the Cambodian Killing Fields to Europe’s concentration camps.

The Man With The Golden Mind: In the second book of the Detective Maier Mysteries series, Maier investigates the death of Julia Rendel’s father, an East German culture attaché killed in Laos in 1976. However, before he can start his investigation, his client is kidnapped. Following her trail to Vientiane, Maier discovers multiple parties searching for a legendary CIA file containing Cold War secrets and its author, codenamed Weltmeister. Racing against time, Maier delves into his own past to unravel the present, encountering sex, drugs, assassinations, and double-crosses along the way. The Man With The Golden Mind is a gripping thriller packed with action.

The Monsoon Ghost Image: In this gripping thriller, Detective Maier investigates the disappearance of a renowned conflict photographer in Thailand, only to find him alive and in possession of a photograph that puts Maier’s life in danger. With the CIA, a violent doctor, and a mysterious woman all vying for the photograph, Maier must navigate the dangerous streets of Bangkok and the wild jungles and party islands of southern Thailand to uncover some of the darkest truths of our time and save his life. Dirty pictures, secret wars, and human beasts abound in this action-packed novel.

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