Kitty Lisha reviews The Cambodian Book of the Dead

Cambodia Fiction

 Thanks to Kitty Lisha for a fair review of The Cambodian Book of the Dead, the first Detective Maier Mystery, originally published in 2013.

This book….this book. Where to begin. It has a lot of facts in it. I didn’t fact check them. Didn’t really have the desire to if we are being honest here and that is the point of reviews, right? If we take out all of the random facts and we just plot this, I liked it. Without the facts and history lessons we have a fast paced book with lots of action that could have happened very easily. A suspenseful thriller as it were. This book has strong Stieg Larrson vibes. With the addition of all of those facts it was like I was reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo all over again. If you are a Stieg Larrson fan then you will enjoy this book.  If you are not then maybe you will if you ignore all the trivia. 

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