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Sacred Skin – 3rd Five Star Review on


A most wonderful review of Sacred Skin, the third with 5 stars, on by Patrick Leyrer. Many thanks.

Here’s my rather inadequate translation:

Tom Vater has managed to create a book which informs us about one of the most important pillars of Thai culture – faith. I noticed with great joy that he managed to pull this off with great respect, from the first to the last page. Respect for the masters, some of whom apply tattoos to the point of exhaustion, as well as to the devotees who wear these tattoos for a multitude of reasons. Some of the wearers are quoted by Tom Vater, their words simply stated without adornments. Respect once again, as the personal reasons why people wear these tattoos should be information enough. Not everything in this life should be analyzed. The sacred tattoos in this book are not just simply photographed, but rather wonderfully presented. This goes a long way to resolve the question on whether this book is art or non-fiction.

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