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(English) Return to Bokor Mountain, Cambodia

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

4 Responses to “(English) Return to Bokor Mountain, Cambodia”

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    John Futch:


    I have been through two hardcopies of The Cambodian Book of the Dead and now have it as an ebook and I keep rereading it. Bokor Hill is the eeriest place I have ever been and I keep going back.

    Just wanted to thank you for capturing it so well, as Matt Dillon did in City of Ghosts. Got to see him last year at the Long Beach Cambodian Film Festival and he and crew members did a cool post-showing Q&A. Hope to see you at some time, too.

    John Futch
    Hearts Without Boundaries
    Phnom Penh/(and sometimes) Long Beach

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    Thanks, John, that’s very kind. And yes, Bokor is still an incredible spot. Recently re-watched the Matt Dillon film, great scenes, vibe.
    Cheers, Tom

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    Somebody show where the f*&k to by this guys book besides the internet,

  4. 4

    Publisher Exhibit A went bust. Only copies available online now. The Maier novels will be republished next year. Thanks for your interest.

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