UK Distributor Press Release of Sacred Skin

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Kodansha Europe Ltd. have created a press release for my new book Sacred Skin. The UK distributor for the book has created several pdfs, downloadable from this link, to promote the book amongst bookstores and franchises around the UK.

Sacred Skin has attracted several international high profile reviews in recent weeks, including a three page spread in TIME, an interview with the authors on CNN, a huge spread in Spain’s daily El Mundo and, just out, a review in Fortean Times.

Publications in Asia have also widely covered the release of Sacred Skin, the first book on Thailand’s sacred tattoos.

Cambodia’s The Southeast Asia Globe, Thailand’s Bangkok 101, and The Bangkok Post have all reviewed the book.

Blogs have also very kindly reviewed the book, most notably legendary Skin & Ink editor Bob Baxter.

And there’s more to come in the next few weeks. No easy way to express my delight at this fantastic response which, as early feedback from distributors indicates, will make Sacred Skin something of a bestseller in its field.

For more info on the book, visit Sacred Skin’s official website or the book’s facebook page.

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