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  1. I came in disguise as a hip-hop rapper stealing the microphone and fooling most of my friends that it wasn’t me, but there is no disguising “The Over-Stay”. This place is the dirtiest punk rock dive/hotel and down right friendliest culturally deviant, anti-establishment, cheapest place to experience what “underground music scene”really is. What would other hotel/bar owners say to the idea of pulling the mattresses out of the rooms and nailing them to the walls to block the noise so the neighbors wouldn’t call the police again for disturbing the peace at 2:00 am? This was my final show that I attended in Bangkok before leaving Thailand. The bands (Blood Thirst Spider, Bone Clone and Klong Riders) who are the core of the Bangkok underground music scene delivered honest and crowd pleasing music of a different soul, (Unlike POP_Scene/The Standards who have previously claimed in recent BBK Post music interviews to be the only band doing anything different in BBK). <– Don’t believe that hype in black and white. Burn your news paper and head down to the river where the real thing is happening at places like The Over Stay and Common Ground!

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