Sister Suicide by Nick Wilgus – Free on Kindle, March 5th to 7th!!!

Crime Wave Press Thailand

Sister Suicide is the second Father Ananda Mystery, written by acclaimed American author Nick Wilgus and published by Crime Wave Press.

A nun is torn apart by crocodiles in a Buddhist theme park. Is it a case of suicide or does a monastic community in the Thai provinces harbor a vicious killer? Father Ananda, Buddhist monk and reluctant detective is called from Bangkok to untangle an insidious web of vested interests, corruption and murder in the second episode of the Father Ananda Mystery series.

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Sister Suicide will also soon be available as a paperback.

Check out the first Father Ananda Mystery, Mindfulness and Murder, out now as ebook and print editions and currently a new independent feature film.

Praise for the Father Ananda series:

“A gripping read peppered with fascinating insights into the day to day life of a Buddhist monk. Nick Wilgus’s Mindfulness and Murder puts a new spin on an old genre.” — UNTAMED TRAVEL MAGAZINE

“Wilgus … has a good fix on temple boys, the precepts of Buddhism, the jaundiced eye with which the populace regards the constulabary, the vendors, the weather, the air pollution.” — BANGKOK POST on Sister Suicide

“Nick Wilgus’ first novel is great. May Buddha protect Father Ananda and send him many other exciting adventures.” Livres Hebdo

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