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Here’s a little story from us at Crime Wave Press.

It’s about the struggle, as indie publishers, to birth great crime fiction into a market controlled by a few sluggish and conservative giants. It’s a fight we can’t win on our own. Having fantastic authors producing thrilling and captivating stories polished and edited close to perfection is not enough. We need readers who value quality, variety, exotic locations and non-mainstream points of view. Readers who know that freedom of choice is an empty promise when the choice presented is heavily culled to present the familiar.

Are you ready to become our Partners in Crime?

Today’s publishing world is dominated by a handful of giant conglomerates. Their risk averse gate-keeping results in the same authors and the same books being pushed in equally risk averse chain bookstores wherever we look.
The internet, in a counter move, has abolished all the controls and thrown out the baby with the bathwater in the process. Hundreds of thousands of books published with little to no quality control make it harder for talented authors to rise above the clutter.
At Crime Wave Press we’ve been publishing exceptional crime fiction since 2012. We love what we’re doing. Give our authors and books a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Remember: It’s always too late for someone.

Watch Crime Wave Press – The Movie!

Cast: Tom Vater, Hans Kemp, Patrae

Camera: Hans Kemp, Laure Siegel

Soundtrack: CharlieParadis

Thanks to Dasa Book Cafe in Bangkok


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