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A great new review of my first novel The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, published in The Advisor, a Cambodian weekly!

“There is no question as to how Tom Vater came up with the title to his novel The Devil’s Road To Kathmandu: the sheer mix of danger, drugs and salacious exploits transports the reader straight to the gritty underbelly of the Hippie Trail to follow four friends on the road to chaos. Venturing through space and time, this story pursues a mystery from a drug deal gone horribly wrong in 1976 to the consequences that surface more than 20 years later as the men retrace their steps to Kathmandu.”

The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu is available from Crime Wave Press as ebook and print edition.


A Spanish edition Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno is out with Xplora Editorial.

Watch the book trailer here.

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