Crime Wave Press at Georgetown Literary Festival

Crime Wave Press Malaysia


Crime Wave Press are at the Georgetown Literary Festival today, having a great time.

I had not been to Penang, Malaysia for a decade, so the festival is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the city which has come a long way in the last years.

Also great have been encounters with a number of fantastic writers, not least Brian Stoddart, author of the Le Fanu mysteries, out with Crime Wave Press and the incredible Marco Ferrarese – author, punk rock musician and all around cool guy – who has been living in Penang for a few years.

Another wonderful individual I have had the pleasure to meet is Ismail Gareth Richards, the owner of the excellent Gerakbudaya Bookshop in Penang. Generous, gregarious and passionate about the printed word, Gareth is one of these guys who makes the world of books a better place.

Photographs by Lah Worawan Simaroj.


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