Tom Vater’s Moon Cambodia Handbook out now!



Tom Vater‘s guide to Cambodia by Moon is out now and available via Amazon.  Copies will reach stores across the US in the coming weeks.

Read the publisher’s web page on this brand new title.

Or read an introduction here:

Author, journalist, screenwriter, and researcher Tom Vater leads you on an adventure through Cambodia, from the bustling markets in the capital Phnom Penh to the almost deserted tropical beaches around Sihanoukville and the lush jungles of Mondulkiri. Vater’s insider knowledge guides readers to the temple ruins of Angkor, traces of French colonial architecture, and Cambodia’s hardest road—from Sen Monorom/Mondulkiri to Ban Lung/Rattanakiri. With unique travel strategies such as The Wild North East and Seven-Day Tour from the Thai to the Vietnamese Border, Moon Cambodia gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.