The Most Secret Place on Earth on pirate DVD….in Cambodia

Cambodia Laos


On a recent trip to Cambodia, I noticed that my first non fiction book Beyond the Pancake Trench is still being sold as a bootleg photocopy in Siem Reap bookshops.

I was browsing the shelves of a pirate DVD shop in Phnom Penh a couple days ago, when I found, much to my surprise, that The Most Secret Place on Earth – The CIA’s covert war in Laos, a feature documentary by Marc Eberle for which I co-wrote the screenplay, is also available as a bootleg.

The lady in the shop told me that she had sold more than a 100 copies since she managed to get her hands on an original file of the 52 minute TV edit of the film.

The 78 minute cinema version remains elusive, except as a German language only DVD.

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