The Cambodian Book of the Dead – The Story behind the Story

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“The Cambodian Book of the Dead started with a small spark of an idea – a young girl crosses a road in southern Cambodia as a foreigner passes in his jeep, killing her accidentally. But it turns out that she didn’t run. She was pushed in front of the passing vehicle. This story lies at the heart of the book, but it’s only a small fragment of a much larger jigsaw. The young foreigner, the German heir to a Hamburg coffee empire gone a.w.o.l. in the tropics, is the reason why the book’s main protagonist, detective and former conflict journalist Maier, returns to the small kingdom by the Mekong.”

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“Explosive and evocative, THE CAMBODIAN BOOK OF DEAD is a deceptive piece of fiction which at once envelopes the reader in a distinct time and place while enabling a birds eye view of the more macabre side of human nature.”

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