Not easy rock ‘n’ roll — the saving of Srey Thy – in the Nikkei Asian Review



TONIGHT on BBC Storyville – ROCKING CAMBODIA–RISE OF A POP DIVA, the incredible story of THE CAMBODIAN SPACE PROJECT & its singer Srey Thy.

Here’s my article on the film’s main protagonist Srey Thy and its director Marc Eberle in The Nikkei Asian Review today –  Not easy rock ‘n’ roll — the saving of Srey Thy.

The film, a BBC/ABC Australia co-production is an excellent look, both emotionally touching and visually exuberant, at Cambodia’s recent past and present seen through the rise and fall of Cambodian RocknRoll in the 1960s and its re-emergence in recent years, primarily driven by Cambodia based rock collective The Cambodian Space Project and its incredible singer Srey Thy.

Image created by Marc Eberle, Tim D. Huys and Julia Goschke.

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