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The Travels of Marco Yolo: Blazing Trails where Marco Polo Feared to Go

  My friend Marco Ferrarese has published his latest and very very cool travel anthology, The Travels of Marco Yolo: Blazing Trails where Marco Polo Feared to Go.   It’s a great read that jumps all over Asia and the Middle East, including some pretty obscure and remote corners, proving that good travel writing survives […]

From the Archives: World Cup Retrospective – Axis of Evil Match – USA vs. Iran, 1998

As the Football World Cup opens in South Africa today, I am republishing the only football story I´ve ever written. Watching the World Cup Match between the USA and Iran in Esfahan in 1998, was one of the highlights of my time in Iran. The streets of this beautiful city were crammed with revelers, celebrating […]

Castle Made of Sand – The Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai

As Asian politicians, business elites and even the region’s poor are dreaming of turning their cities – from China to Cambodia – into futuristic Bladerunner-style neon ghettos, the United Arab Emirates appear to be well ahead in creating superlative anti-people environments. On January 4th  2010, Dubai gave the world a fantastically absurd New Year’s present […]

I was on my way to watch a football match between the two most evil countries in the world – USA vs Iran 1998

Getting there is half the fun, they say. That’s what I thought, when the fat cop with the stubble grabbed my nuts in his little roadside shack, a few miles across the Pakistan border into Iran, on the way to Zahedan. ‘You have any drugs? You smuggle anything?’ his stale breath is very close to […]