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Sacred Skin – The Movie

Hm. Producer Api Sritakae has just remixed the soundtrack to our little Sacred Skin movie. Sacred Skin is the first English language book on Thailand’s sacred tattoos. Photographed by Aroon Thaewchatturat and written by me, published by Visionary World and designed by the NEW Studio in London. Song called Itchy Skin by Pussy & The […]

More great Rock’n’Roll from Thailand!

Thailand’s premier Rock’n’Roll band Pussy & The Learjets dish up their first promo video, a time lapse artifact, shot and edited by Austrian video director Willy Wysoudil aka Wysforce. Wysoudil produced this ripping timelapse video of Bangkok´s noisiest Rock’n’Roll band performing Nothing Can Bring Me Down, the forthcoming Learjets vinyl single, out in May on […]