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Thailand: Murder in the Land of Smiles in The Diplomat

The country’s tourism sector is taking a hit following a high-profile murder case and a bungled police response. My report in last week’s The Diplomat.

Bauk – Gang rape, favorite past time of Cambodia’s young and affluent

In the light of several recent horrific rapes in Cambodia and the deplorable human rights situation in the country in general, I am republishing a 2003 story on gang rape in Phnom Penh. Cambodian sex workers In the shadow of the Independence Monument in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, young women sell themselves for 6$ a […]

Cambodia’s Culture of Impunity likely to gut Phnom Penh’s Olympic Stadium

Several sources suggest that the legendary, historic Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh is likely to be demolished soon to make space for a development of the Canadia’s Bank Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation. (OCIC). It appears the bank, in conjunction with someone at a high level within the Cambodian government, had originally planned to develop only […]