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The Most Secret Place on Earth on DVD….in German


Finally, the DVD for The Most Secret Place on Earth is out, about a year after the film surfaced on YouTube! There are some great extra, never before seen interviews with the film’s main characters but unfortunately the footage is all in German, as are the subtitles. Given that the film has garnered so much international and especially American interest, that’s a shame.

You can order a copy directly from Distributor Zweitausendeins for less than 10 Euro.


For a factual telling of the CIA´secret history in Laos, check out The Most Secret Place on Earth, a feature documentary by Marc Eberle, which talks to the protagonists of Laos civil war – on both sides. The film features interviews with State Department, CIA and Air America officials, as well as Hmong general Vang Pao and some of his critics – Fred Branfman and Professor Alfred McCoy .

Watch the trailer for the feature length documentary The Most Secret Place on Earth – The CIA´s covert war in Laos here.

Director: Marc Eberle, Screenplay: Marc Eberle/Tom Vater, Producer:, Co-Production: NDR/arte/WDR

Developed within the framework of Discovery Campus Masterschool 2003 Funded by the Filmförderung HHSH, Filmstiftung NRW, MEDIA NEW TALENTS and MEDIA BROADCAST

The Most Secret Place on Earth was screened at ten international film festivals and in German cinemas early 2009 and was nominated for the Golden Panda at Sichuan intl. Film Festival, China, the History Makers’ Award, New York, the Banff World Television Award, Canada, and the North German Film Award. The film has been broadcast on European television several times and is to be broadcast in 25 countries around the world, though not yet in the US or Laos, the two countries where a screening would generate the greatest interest.

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    Mang Sophal:

    we would like to jion in sad world for pass. and we hope better for now. in Cambodia has sivil war as this more in 1975-1979.

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    Mang Sophal:

    Cambodia falled down in dark reguim in long time and make cambodian live in poor and hard till now. but Goverment of Cambodia is helping Cambodian within rice and tourism industry. that is why Cambodia strenthen people life with tourism , it is only one way to help them.

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