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(Deutsch) Sacred Skin – am 17. September auf ARTE um 23.30 Uhr

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September 17th on ARTE – Sacred Skin

French German TV channel ARTE will be broadcasting an eight minute documentary, part of the culture magazine Metropolis, on Thailand’s sacred tattoos and on my new book, Sacred Skin on September 17th! Exact broadcasting schedule to follow. Visit the book’s official website!

From the Archives: Thailand´s Minorities

For many years, I have been reporting on the plight of Thailand’s minorities – the so-called ‘hill tribes’ in the north of the country, and the sea nomads, also known as sea gypsies in the south. Unfortunately, much of what I have written about the problems these stateless people are facing, has been published in […]

(Deutsch) City Trip Angkor und Siem Reap – Mein neuer Bestseller!

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Tom Vater’s Thailand guide in Polish! Where are my royalties?

The Polish translation of my bestselling German language Thailand guide (Reise Know How) has been out more than a year now. By all accounts, the book is doing well and the copies I have received look handsome enough, though I am yet to receive any royalties on this title.  Ah, the challenges of being a […]

(Deutsch) In heiligen Höhen bei

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Who owns the 21st Century?

Every day, we appear to be moving a little closer to a state of affairs where governments could become obsolete. Large parts of the world have always been ruled by people who don’t really qualify as governments, but in recent years, perfectly respectable rulers have also shown signs (not for the first time) that they […]

(Deutsch) Amerikas Geheimer Krieg, 7. Februar, 23.15 Uhr, WDR

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Holidays in Cambodia? Tom Vater´s new German-language guide to Angkor published 4.1.2011

My new guide to the ruins of Angkor in Cambodia is published on the 4th of January 2011, by Germany`s largest independent travel publisher Reise Know How. The book contains almost a hundred color images by photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat, as well as maps of all the temples, a fold-out plan of the Angkor Archaeological Park […]

Tajlandia Handbook published by Bezdroza in Poland

Rainer Krack and Tom Vater’s Thailand Handbook, published by Reise Know How Verlag in Germany and currently in its 14th edition, has been published by Bezdroza in Poland. And I just got a copy. The book looks great, photo reproduction is good, and it´s a 100 pages slimmer than the ever-growing German edition. Tom Vater […]