Meet The Off The Beaten Path Explorer: Tom Vater

Writer´s Corner

Today’s interview is with a very special friend of the Where Sidewalks End community. It is my honour to introduce to you Mr Tom Vater. Tom is a published author, a long time journalist in the field, co-owner of a publishing house “Crime Wave Press”, and a long time explorer of the world, with a heavy focus on South East Asia. He has done everything from magazine and newspaper features, documentary screenplays, illustrated books, travel guides, travelogues and novels, and travel has always had strong roots throughout. You can find a lot of interesting facts about and tid bits of Tom’s escapades by reading any number of his articles found within this realm, or through any of his published work around the internet and in many large book stores, including the large online corporation Amazon. For a more personal view into what drives Mr Vater, we thought this would be a good opportunity to get behind the scenes. Today we’ll find out a little bit about what has motivated him to continue exploring the uncharted off the beaten track world.

Read the full interview at Where Sidewalks End.

Photo taken in Morocco by Laure Siegel.

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