An Asian Crime Wave – Crime Wave Press & Detective Maier in Publisher’s Weekly

Crime Wave Press Writer´s Corner


My creation Detective Maier and my publishing house Crime Wave Press and several of its authors get a great plug in Publisher’s Weekly.

Thanks to Lenny Picker. Check out his story ‘An Asian Crime Wave’ on pages 26 and 27.

As Lenny reports, Detective Maier will be back in The Monsoon Ghost Image later this year.  I am three chapters from the end, the third and last part in the trilogy is set in Thailand in 2003 and I am super excited to close in on the end of Maier’s most explosive case yet.

Meanwhile my publishing house Crime Wave Press is lining up five new titles this spring. We are entering into a new relationship with UK distributor Kodansha and we are very excited to have a new PR Manager, Henry Roi, on board.  After closing down our submissions for some months due to a deluge of manuscripts we are now reading new material to find new exciting titles for the second half 0f 2016.


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