Sacred Skin Is This Month´s Bangkok 101 Cover Story!



Yes, photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat and myself are extremely pleased to have Sacred Skin featured on July´s cover of Bangkok 101, the city´s high profile monthly magazine.

The reviews that have been pouring in for our new book have been both numerous and incredibly positive, ranging from TIME Magazine to CNN and we could harldy have imagined a better reception for Sacred Skin.

Missives from distributors in the UK have also been hugely encouraging, and even Kinokunya´s (one of Bangkok`s biggest bookshop) slightly absurd presentation of our book could be called a success of sorts – The MC had not even bothered to learn the authors’ names and introduced my partner Aroon as “the famous Thai photographer…what was her name again?” – brilliantly illustrating the polarized attitudes of Thai society we discuss in our book,

Now the book’s out in the shops, beyond our reach and waiting for buyers. There aren’t many books published on the things that matter in Thai culture, not least because so many subjects are considered taboo in Thailand, and as a consequence, by foreign writers covering the kingdom, and we hope that Sacred Skin serves to illuminate some of the lives of the country’s barely talked and underrepresented working class.

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