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India’s City of Joy: 3 days in historic Kolkata at CNN

My latest travel feature with Laure Siegel on one of my favorite cities – Kolkata – for CNN Travel Mother Teresa did the same for this spendid city as Spielberg did for sharks. She ruined the West Bengal capital’s reputation for generations. But Teresa is dead, the city is on a bumpy rebound and its […]

Kathmandu Rediscovered!

After a seven year break, far too long, I am back in the heavenly city for a few days. Kathmandu has grown into a little urban monster but once the shock at the congestion has worn off, the Nepali capital unfolds as a multi-layered, booming mountain town, quite happily bouncing between tradition and modernity, in […]

Bangkok Noir? – We’re still waiting

One of Germany’s best known writers and TV intellectuals (yes, there‘s such a thing), Roger Willemsen, recently spent three months in Bangkok, writing about the city. Every night, the experienced media professional left his hotel at 6pm to explore the underbelly of Thailand’s capital. The result is Bangkok Noir, a 350 page coffee table book […]