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Chinese New Year in The Daily Telegraph…and on the streets of Bangkok.

My photo caption in The Daily Telegraph hardly does justice to the surreal, red tinged mayhem I witnessed in Bangkok’s Chinatown today. Dancing dragons, lots of police, thousands of people dressed in red,  as a weirdly strong wind blew up Yaowarat Road, as if a spaceship in the shape of a waving golden cat was […]

Life, Death and Game Shows in Bangkok

My friend’s wife Puk just gave birth to her second child, a son. His name is Duncan. Duncan was born in Vajira Hospital, the same clinic major general ‘Sae Daeng’ Khattiya, one of the most divisive figures in Thailand’s political crisis, now lies in, after being shot in the head by a sniper two days […]

Where is Batman? – Bangkok under Siege

That’s what a policeman asked me and a friend, as we were photographing the medieval-looking barricades, constructed of sandbags, sharpened bamboo poles, barbed wire and car tires, which one has to pass to get into the Ratchaprasong area, Bangkok’s up-scale and shut down shopping district. It’s like stepping into another country, another world. Downtown Bangkok, […]