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Ralf Tooten talks Bangkok Noir

German photographer Ralf Tooten talks to me about his best selling photo book Bangkok Noir at Read the interview here. Photograph by Laure Siegel.

The First Bangkok Literary Festival – Impressions by Black

The first Bangkok Literary Festival at the Neilson Hays Library on May 22nd. Impressions by Black (Saksiri Hipfotobyblackcat). Review of the Literary Festival in The Nation newspaper.

Bangkok Noir? – We’re still waiting

One of Germany’s best known writers and TV intellectuals (yes, there‘s such a thing), Roger Willemsen, recently spent three months in Bangkok, writing about the city. Every night, the experienced media professional left his hotel at 6pm to explore the underbelly of Thailand’s capital. The result is Bangkok Noir, a 350 page coffee table book […]