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Interviewed on Bangkok’s red light museum for CNN

I am interviewed by veteran correspondent Richard Ehrlich in his thorough exhumation of all things Patpong and the the opening of the Patpong Museum, which recounts the history of what is perhaps the world’ most notorious red light district in downtown Bangkok and its historical connection to the Vietnam War, in this thorough exhumation of […]

(English) Burmese Fairy Tales

(English) From the Archives: Devadasis – The Sex Angels Of Life And Insanity

Chuwit Kamolvisit – Thailand’s Godfather of Sex turns politician

Chuwit Kamolvisit is one of Thailand’s best-known celebrities. He fills newspapers and magazines and appears on national television every day. He is charismatic and media-friendly. But Chuwit is not a pop star or an actor. Chuwit is a sex king. He is the king of the largest sex industry on the planet. For the last […]

Welcome to Sonagachi – Calcutta’s largest brothel area is thriving