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Thailand: Murder in the Land of Smiles in The Diplomat

The country’s tourism sector is taking a hit following a high-profile murder case and a bungled police response. My report in last week’s The Diplomat.

The Cambodian Book of the Dead – Asia edition – Shot by Eric Nelson

The Cambodian Book of the Dead (Crime Wave Press Asia edition), photographed by Eric Nelson.

(Deutsch) Die 2. Auflage meines CT Angkor und Siem Reap erscheint heute

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Sacred Skin – Airport Reading!

Airports in Ko Samui, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh all continue to stock Sacred Skin prominently. The first illustrated Sak Yant book in English featuring detailed portraits of masters and devotees paired with an insightful text. Described in TIME as a book that “… will further popularize a centuries-old tradition.” Sacred tattoos, […]

(Deutsch) Aus dem Leben eines (gelegentlichen) Reiseführerautoren – Teil 2

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