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Sacred Skin – Airport Reading!

Airports in Ko Samui, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh all continue to stock Sacred Skin prominently. The first illustrated Sak Yant book in English featuring detailed portraits of masters and devotees paired with an insightful text. Described in TIME as a book that “… will further popularize a centuries-old tradition.” Sacred tattoos, […]

The Good News continues: Sacred Skin at Siem Reap Airport!

Just passed through Siem Reap International Airport in Cambodia today and spotted my new book Sacred Skin in the airport bookshop, displayed prominently next to Birds of South East Asia and Ferns of the Tropics…hm, topical. Spent a week on assignment in Siem Reap before returning to a flooded Bangkok. Sacred Skin is the first […]

Sacred Skin available at Bangkok Airport!

My new book, Sacred Skin, is available at Souvanaphoumi, Bangkok’s international airport. For more info on the book, please visit the Sacred Skin website. Or check out this review in TIME Magazine.

Cairo, 6am

A smoker’s lounge at Cairo International turns multi-cultural hang-out as the pale disk of the sun rises above the eternal sands beyond the runways. No matter how I stretch at the bull´s eye windows, I can´t see the pyramids, but  know they´re out there. Young women in mini-skirts and tank-tops on the way home from […]