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Indian media have been reporting that Charles Sobhraj, convicted serial killer, currently doing 20 years in Kathmandu Jail, has been visited by an alleged British lawyer, a ‘blonde bombshell’, as the Indian broadsheets claim, who runs a website called Sobhraj Services and has claimed to be making moves that might free one of the world’s most notorious killers from jail.

The alleged lawyer who goes by the name of Elizabeth Stubbs, apparently also advised Sobhraj’s fiancee Nihita Biswas to give up on her jailed partner and accept two years of education in the UK, apparently paid by Stubbs. Unfortunately, the website of Sobhraj Services adds nothing more to the saga of ‘The Serpent’, who allegedly killed scores of backpackers across Asia.

Sobhraj, so The Times of India report, lives in fear for his life, and was recently visited by a shady contract killer who is now said to be doing five years behind bars himself. Whatever the truth, the news story appears to fall firmly into the celebrity gossip bracket of journalism, evidence of the ongoing fascination of newspaper editors with psychopaths and serial killers. Perhaps Rupert Murdoch, currently in the doldrums for hubris and and vartious criminal acts that put Sobhraj to shame, will soon visit Kathmandu Jail’s most famous inmate to get a little bit more gossip mileage out of the celebrity criminal.

With all this commotion going on, I decided to repost my story on Sobhraj. I interviewed the now 67 year old alleged murderer prior to his conviction in Kathmandu in 2003. Here is the full story and an update on that feature.

7 thoughts on “Serviced by Charles Sobhraj?

  1. Hi Sudeshna, as you are part of the India media, you might know that everything Mr. Sobhraj has said to countless journalists needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. You might also know that the jailer’s color blindness is a lame excuse for the media not getting it right. And your remark on the name of the lady mentioned in Indian media stories is nonsense. All this, including the postings on this blog, just seems to be designed to give Mr. Sobhraj a little bit more publicity. And to bring more traffic to my blog. I certainly remember meeting Mr. Sobhraj twice, just as he started doing his current stint in Kathmandu Jail.

  2. Dear Tom,

    Being part of the Indian media, I have to say in defence that the name appeared as Angela Stubbs and not Elizabeth. As for the blonde bit, that’s what the jailer said. So perhaps it’s not the fault of the media but the colour-blind jailer’s.

  3. It would seem that Tom has well and truly marked your card. Remember “You can fool all of the people some of the time, Some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. My advice (for what it’s worth): drop this fantasy-fuelled ego trip, resume your studies, then gain a qualification

  4. It is doubtful that she is free to practice law wherever she chooses.

    But some more utterings of that student of a correspondence school with her characteristic spelling mistakes and massive use of exclamation marks are to be found on the web:

    (Please add http:// to all the links)

    The finally convicted liar, thief, robber and serial murderer has good reasons for fear. Some of his victims and their relatives are still alive, as some of his former partners in crime are.

  5. Dear Angela Stubbs,

    Many thanks for your mail. Any inaccuracies in my missive were lifted from Indian media, so I suspect you might have to sue them. I wish you all the best with your endevours.

  6. You have no idea what you are talking about. My name is Angela Stubbs not Elizabeth Stubbs, as reported. I have brown hair and for your information am free to practice law wherever I choose. If you care to go to the ‘this is money’ website you will see I am more than capable of beating the system. Furthermore, if you publish any inaccurate information about Charles, his religious wife, mother-in-law or myself, I WILL SUE YOU! Kind regards Angela Stubbs

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