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Wicked World Issue #1 features Dead Monk Walking


Check out new travel magazine Wicked World which launched this week! Great stories that originate off the beaten path, far away from guidebooks and iPhones…

Wicked World exists to promote the kind of travel related writing that wouldn’t normally find an outlet in more mainstream publications. We’re not here to sell expensive guided tours, round the world tickets or travel insurance. The new online publication is to provide a showcase for honest, alternative and irreverent writing, with a particular emphasis on internationally oriented underground culture.

If you would like to get involved in Wicked World, or would simply like to know more, then send an email to

The first issue of Wicked World features Dead Monk Walking, a feature I first published in Maxim or fhm (can’t remember, doesn’t matter), a while back. Photos by Aroon Thaewchatturat.

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