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Tom Vater on Thailand’s Full Moon Parties

Tom Vater’s take on the legendary Full Moon Party, a monthly open-air dance event on the tourist island of Ko Phangan in Thailand has been published by the South Eastern Globe. Unfortunately, the magazine’s website crashed….so here’s the full text… The Bucket People – Full Moon Party Ko Phang Ngan, Thailand “I am a cat,” the girl […]

Chuwit Kamolvisit – Thailand’s Godfather of Sex turns politician

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Dakshin Kali – Bloodbath for a Goddess

There are many Kali temples in the Kathmandu Valley but only one demands daily sacrifices – Dakhshin Kali. And on Saturdays, the blood runs faster, deeper and longer than on any other day. The first rays of the sun break through the pine trees that cover the steep slope that seems to drop right down […]

The Pain Of Vegetables – The Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The Vegetarian Festival on the tourist island of Phuket in Southern Thailand is a truly bizarre occasion. Men and women, ostensibly possessed by gods, pierce their tongues and cheeks with sharp implements. Adepts apparently feel no pain, and show little no sign of real injury. The young man wears only shorts. He is drenched in […]

Buffalo soldier – Thailand’s Mighty Water Buffaloes Face Extinction

Thailand’s mighty water buffaloes are facing extinction. Replaced by technology, ridiculed by people as stupid beasts, their last journey is to the slaughterhouse. One Buddhist monk is taking steps to change this. The sun rises across freshly planted rice-fields. The farmers are out at the crack of dawn, there is some plowing left to do. […]