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Bangkok’s ‘motorcycle mamas’ roar into men’s world – in the Nikkei Asian Review

My latest article with Laure Siegel in the Nikkei Asian Review looks at how women enter the motorcycle taxi workforce in Bangkok, a traditionally male bastion. With fewer and fewer job opportunities for unskilled Thai women, riding a motorcycle taxi remains one profession that promises a degree of independence and freedom. Read Bangkok’s ‘motorcycle mamas’ […]

Pig in Flight at Angkor Thom´s South Gate!

Working in Cambodia, no matter where – and this includes the Angkor Archaeological Park – is always an opportunity to witness the unusual. Animals are transported in all sorts of bizarre and, by our progressive and enlightened standards, cruel ways around Asia, but the pig-on-a-motorbike routine is a favorite. Farmers travel  for miles along often […]

Canine curb crawler?

Late Night Party Dog circles the Independence Monument in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.