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Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno – New Review!!!

Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno, the Spanish edition of The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, published back in March by Xplora Editorial is reviewed extensively at Leer y Viajar. The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu is available from Crime Wave Press both as Kindle ebook and paperback.

Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno – Out Now!!!

Kathmandu, camino al infierno, the Spanish translation of my first novel The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, published by Editorial Xplora, is out now!!! ‘The Devil’s Road To Kathmandu’ is a tense, fast paced and kaleidoscopic pulp thriller, following the lives of two generations of drifters who become embroiled in a saga of sex, drugs and […]