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Laura Snook, high priestess of Cambodian punk rock and ace magazine editor – RIP

Laura Snook, Cambodia’s high priestess of punk, ace magazine editor, and a fantastic, sensitive and kind woman and all round Rocknroll lady. What a huge loss. I wrote the following text for her remembrance concert in Phnom Penh in March. Laura, I’d like to quote from a novel by John D MacDonald: I get the […]

(English) Thai Hardcore Bands Are Risking Prison Just To Thrash – Interview in Noisey/Vice

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

(English) ZZ-TV – Cambodia Calling!

(English) Michael LaPalme captures Pussy & The Learjets, Bangkok’s seminal RocknRoll Band!

(English) From the Vault: Pussy & The Learjets: You’re Gonna Miss Me

(English) Tom Vater on Pussy & The Learjets in Traversing the Orient Magazine

(English) Pussy & The Learjets – A Short Documentary by Gerhard Joren

(English) The Overstay – Thailand´s Worst Hotel is a Gem! Just Don´t Sleep There.

(English) From the Archives: Tom Vater witnesses The Stooges play Funhouse