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With writer Marco Ferrese in Penang, Malaysia

One of the great boons of being a writer is hanging out with other writers. Here I am celebrating the dying hours of 2015 with my friend, writer Marco Ferrarese who is currently in the very enviable position of having had his bestselling debut novel NAZI GORENG banned in the country he dissects so effectively, […]

Celestial Dancers in Angkor: Tom Vater interviewed for Morning Calm Magazine

I was interviewed a while back in Korean Inflight Magazine Morning Calm by Marco Ferrarese for his article Celestial Dancers on the Apsaras, the celestial dancers of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Marco’s story runs from pages 74 to 79.

Tom Vater, Author & Traveller

Tom Vater has a dream job: as a travel and guidebook writer, he constantly explores Asian roads to get the details right and inspire others to start their own adventures. Writer Marco Ferrarese, author of seminal punk rock novel Nazi Goreng, recently interviewed me about my early travel exploits in Asia. Read the full story […]

Crime Wave Press at Georgetown Literary Festival

Crime Wave Press are at the Georgetown Literary Festival today, having a great time. I had not been to Penang, Malaysia for a decade, so the festival is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the city which has come a long way in the last years. Also great have been encounters with a number of […]

Wicked World Issue #1 features Dead Monk Walking

Check out new travel magazine Wicked World which launched this week! Great stories that originate off the beaten path, far away from guidebooks and iPhones… Wicked World exists to promote the kind of travel related writing that wouldn’t normally find an outlet in more mainstream publications. We’re not here to sell expensive guided tours, round […]

Burmese Light reviewed by Marco Ferrarese at Rolf Potts’ Vagablogging

Burmese Light, my new non fiction with photographer Hans Kemp, was reviewed by Marco Ferrarese at Vagablogging, the acclaimed website of travel writer Rolf Potts. “Impressions of the Golden Land” is quite an apt subtitle for Burmese Light as this book literally brings to the table (a coffee-table, to be precise) two kinds of impressions. […]

The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu reviewed on Vagablogging

The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, my first novel, currently out with Crime Wave Press and soon published in Spanish as well, is reviewed on acclaimed travel blog Vagablogging this week. The plot is precisely knit as a handmade, intricate Kashmiri carpet…  writes reviewer Marco Ferrarese. Read the low down here.  

Writer Marco Ferrarese interviews Tom Vater

Writer Marco Ferrarese interviews me about Crime Wave Press, The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu and travel in Asia on his blog MonekyRockWorld. Read the first part of the interview here.

Crime Wave Press on Vagabonding

Read the interview by Marco Ferrarese here.

Writer Marco Ferrarese interviews me about Crime Wave Press

Travel Writer Marco Ferrarese interviews me about my new fiction imprint Crime Wave Press, and its first two recently published novels The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu and The Cambodian Book of the Dead. Read the full interview on Vagablogging, Rolf Potts’ celebrated travel blog.