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Tom Vater on India’s Disappearing Havelis in The Wall Street Journal

Tom Vater’s feature on India’s disappearing Havelis and Their Fabled Frescoes has been published in The Wall Street Journal. SHEKHAWATI, India — It was the McMansion of its day. Built in 1900 for a wealthy trading family in a dusty outpost here in India’s Rajasthan state, the house was designed to be a bold statement […]

Palace Hotels of Rajasthan – Photobook by Aroon Thaewchatturat (Text: Tom Vater)

In August 2007, Aroon Thaewchatturat‘s new photo book, Palace Hotels of Rajasthan, was published by Reise Know How Verlag in Germany. I wrote the text. The book covers all sorts of heritage hotels with royal connections around Rajasthan, from modest but attractive mansions to gigantic palaces, from pure, sumptuous Raj nostalgia to bottomless kitsch.