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Sacred Skin second edition a bestseller in Thailand!!!

Sacred Skin, the first English language book on Thailand’s spirit tattoos continues to sell well. Photographed by Aroon Thaewchatturat and written by myself, the book was originally published in July 2011. Copies of the book’s second edition, hot off the press, are out now, as Australian journalist Flip Prior noticed while out shopping in Bangkok […]

UBUD Writers & Readers Festival Diary by Aroon Thaewchatturat

This week, I am at the UBUD Writers and Readers Festival in Bali to present my books Sacred Skin (with co-author and photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat, published by Visionary World) and The Cambodian Book of the  Dead (published by Crime Wave Press). I will also be taking part in several panel discussions. Owner of Visionary World […]