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Tom Vater’s The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu – Review in The Nepali Times

Tom Vater’s first novel, ‘The Devil’s Road To Kathmandu’, was published in Hong Kong with Dragon’s Mouth Press, an imprint of Orchid Press in 2006. Don Messerschmidt – The Nepali Times Follow the drugs, the money, the past. An old hippie returns to Kathmandu after 25 years. The Devil’s Road by Tom Vater is a […]

The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu – A novel by Tom Vater

When Dan, Tim and Fred, three naive hippies, set off from London to Kathmandu with few funds and a dodgy bus, a drug deal in Pakistan seems like the most common sense way to make the journey pay. But the mountains of the Hindu Kush, a mysterious Frenchman, a set of Iranian Siamese Twins cum nightclub singers, […]