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Not easy rock ‘n’ roll — the saving of Srey Thy – in the Nikkei Asian Review

TONIGHT on BBC Storyville – ROCKING CAMBODIA–RISE OF A POP DIVA, the incredible story of THE CAMBODIAN SPACE PROJECT & its singer Srey Thy. Here’s my article on the film’s main protagonist Srey Thy and its director Marc Eberle in The Nikkei Asian Review today –  Not easy rock ‘n’ roll — the saving of […]

Aroon Thaewchatturat talks about Sacred Skin @ The.Me

“I tried to capture not just the devotees’ tattoos but who they were. My models were rather shy at first. Most of them were male and taking their clothes off for a female photographer was definitely a challenge for them. But after I had taken a few shots, their confidence increased and they conveyed a […]

Sacred Tattoos and Secret Lifestyles

Last month, we had a visit from veteran tattooist Bruce Bart and his wife Jennifer. They were on an Asian road trip and were looking for a tattoo master in Thailand. Their search, quite an adventure, eventually led them to Sacred Skin and to the house I share with my wife, photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat. This […]

The Most Secret Place On Earth on YouTube

Quite regularly, I am contacted by people who try to get hold of The Most Secret Place on Earth. There’s now a German language DVD of the full 78 minute version, but most of the interest comes from English speakers.But at least the 52 minute TV version is now on youtube and you can find […]

Burmese Fairy Tales

Long time collaborator Marc Eberle and his co-director Maung Maung Tha Myint have just released the trailer for their forth-coming documentary Burmese Fairy Tales, a small person’s journey into a mysterious world where spirituality and sex meet. Nono, a gay, cross-dressing dwarf visits the ancient Taungbyone spirit festival near Mandalay where psychics of the “third […]

Sacred Skin at Wat Bang Phra: An interview with Aroon Thaewchatturat

Aroon Thaewchatturat, photographer and co-author of Sacred Skin, my book on Thailand’s spirit tattoos – sak yant in Thai – is interviewed in this short film at Wat Bang Phra, during the annual Wai Kru (Respect your teacher) festival, during which thousands of tattoo devotees descend on this temple famous for its tattooing monks, an […]

Sacred Skin on ASEAN TV’s Bookcase Part 1 – Online Now!

Thai journalist Manote Thripati recently interviewed photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat and myself on Bookcase, a show on ASEAN TV, about our book Sacred Skin, the first English language book on Thailand’s spirit tattoos which has become a regional bestseller since its publication last year. The first part of the program is online now and can be […]

Sacred Skin – The Proofs

Co-writer, major collaborator and photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat has been posting some of the proofs from Sacred Skin, the first English language book on Thailand’s sacred tattoos.

Sacred Skin on ASEAN TV’s Bookcase part1

Photographer and co-author Aroon Thaewchatturat and myself present Sacred Skin on ASEAN TV‘s show Bookcase, hosted by Manote Tripathi. The second part of the show will be broadcast next Wednesday, June 6th at 19.30, Thai time on Truevision99. And I get to wear my hat on TV!

Sobering and Grim Documentary Film on the US’s Secret War in Laos: The Players

Stumbled across this image of the three unusual suspects of The Most Secret Place on Earth on this Bangkok Expat blog. Taken at the packed FCCT (Foreign Correspondents Club Thailand) in November 2010 during our presentation and Q& A session of aforementioned documentary on the CIA’s covert war in Laos in the 1960s. From left […]