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On Hunting Humans….

My most recent post to promote The Monsoon Ghost Image is all about Hunting Humans…. My latest novel, The Monsoon Ghost Image, features a man hunt. One of my villains, Krieger, a German tycoon, lives on an island in the south of Thailand that has been populated with large mammals, some not indigenous to Southeast […]

Ralf Tooten talks Bangkok Noir

German photographer Ralf Tooten talks to me about his best selling photo book Bangkok Noir at Read the interview here. Photograph by Laure Siegel.

Tracking Down Tom Vater

Kevin S Cummings tracks me down for an exclusive interview on crime fiction, Crime Wave Press and RocknRoll Music. There are certain writers in Thailand that if they were not writers they would make excellent fictional protagonists, because the real-life lives they lead would make for an interesting read. Joe Cummings is one such writer. […]

My Special Needs Baby’s Long and Roundabout Road to Publication

Crime Wave Press author Gary Anderson recounts how he found a home for his excellent and hilariously transgressive Sci Fi Noir novel The Gwousz Affair. I’m going start by making what might be a startling admission: I came to noir late. The Gwousz Affair is my first attempt at what might be if not partially […]

Crime Wave Press – The Story So Far…

My publishing imprint CRIME WAVE PRESS is one year old. Together with Hans Kemp, I have published seven crime novels (an 8th title is on its way), sold foreign rights to two of our books and established ourselves as a crime fiction force to be reckoned with in the Kindle charts. Read the full story […]

Andy Brouwer on The Cambodian Book of the Dead

Andy Brouwer, acclaimed Cambodian blogger plugs The Cambodian Book of the Dead this week. Read his post here.

Crime Wave Press answers your Editing Questions

I get to talk about the publishing business this week! Crime Wave Press is interviewed on Six Questions, a blog where editors and publishers discuss writing flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and novels. Read the interview here.

The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu on crime blog Do Some Damage

On August 13th, my first novel, The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, got a positive mention on the crime blog Do Some Damage! “… I liked the atmosphere, the tension, the setting and the characters. The writing was tight and there were memorable lines and some nice turns of phrases…. Scroll down the page and check […]

Interview on Crime Wave Press at Criminal-E!

I have been interviewed about my first novel The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, about my fiction imprint Crime Wave Press and my writing career by Al Guthrie for Criminal-E, a British crime fiction blog promoting today’s leading crime writers. Read the interview here. Buy The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu here. Buy The Cambodian Book of […]

Sacred Skin spread on Japanese Blog!

Nice spread and review of my book (with co-author Aroon Thaewchatturat) Sacred Skin on Japanese blog Miyakeaya. Sacred Skin was designed by acclaimed and award-winning London illustrator Austin @ NEW.